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                                    Product Models:EC5-1611VDNA


5.25¡± Single Board Computer with, with VGA/SSD/LAN/Audio
Support the latest Tualatin Celeron and Pentium®III CPU
System memory is up to 512MB
10/100Mbps Ethernet contrillor
Two serial interfaces and one parallel interface
AC97 PCIaudio interface
There IEEE1394 connected interfaces
Four channel mixed display input
ATX/AT power interface,PnP
255 level programmable Super I/O watvhdog timer
Construction:5.25" Single Board Computer
Processor: Support Coppermine as kernel Celeron and Pentium®III CPU, the latest Tualatin Celeron and Pentium®III CPU, VIA C3 CPU
System chipset: Intel FW82815E (GMCH) and FW82801BA£¨ICH2£©chipset£¬support 66/100/133 FSB
System memory:1 144-pinPC100/PC133 SO-DIMM memory£¬up to 512MB
BIOS£º AMI Modular BIOS Ver 7.0£¬PnP
On-board video:High-powered 2D/3D/DirectX graphics accelerator£¬adopt D.V.M.T.£¨dynamic display memory technology£©and system shared memory
On-board LAN; Singal 10/100Base-T Ethernet£¬realize arouse on line on board
Audio interface; Support AC97 Ver 2.1 sound coder,have 3D sound effect circuit and transfer from 7KHZ to 48KHZ sampling frequency
Video input interface:Support four channel mixed video input£¬user can control the origin video image selection freely by the software
IEEE1394 interface£ºSupport there IEEE1394 connected interfaces,data transmit rate up to 400MB/s faster 30 times than USB, full satisfied the high requestions of data transmit rate
PCI IDE£º Single ATA33/66/100 IDE interface£¬support two IDE devices
USB interface £º Four USB 1.1 interfaces
Multi I/O interface:One FDD,one parallel interface, IrDA interface ,two RS-232, one PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface
Solid state disk interface:CompactFlash electron disk
Watchdog timer£º1-255 second or 1-255 minute programable,255 level, time-out interrupt or system reset system
Hardware Monitoring:Detect working power£¬CPU temperature and fans rotate speed primary,user can clearly knows the working power of the board and whether the fan working normal or not
Power management;Support ACPI power management criterion
Extention bus;One PCI bus slot
Dimension ; 203mm x 146mm ( 7.99¨•x 5.75¨•)
Operation Temperature;0~60c
Relative Humidity:5%~95%£¬non-condensing