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19" 8U Height 6U CompactPCI Chassis with 8 Slots Backplane and 300W 1+1 Redundance Server Special Power


• 19" rack-mounted or table 8U CompactPCI system platform
• 6U 8£¨or 12£©slots 64bit/33MHz CompactPCI backplane,support rear I/O,CPU socket is on the right¡£
• Two 300W 1+1 redundance server powers (can choose 2+1 500W redundance server powers)
• Two 200mm abaxial cooling fans use to give out heat of board£¬one 120mm axis fan use to give out heat of diver
• Full EMC electromagnetism compatible protection
• Tally with PICMG2.0 R3.0 CompactPCI criterion
• Tally with PICMG2.1 R2.0 CompactPCI Hot Swap criterion
• Tally with PICMG2.10 R1.0 Keying of CompactPCI Boards and Backplanes criterion
• Tally with PICMG2.11 R1.0 Power Interface criterion
• Tally with PICMG2.5 R1.0 Computer Telephony criterion
• Tally with PICMG2.9 R1.0 System Management criterion
• Tally with PICMG2.16 R1.0 CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane criterion


• (or 12) 6U¡Á4HP 64bit/33MHz CompactPCI slots(one system slot£¬seven peripheral equipment slots)
• Support 160mm PCB Front Load/80mm PCB rear connection
• Support slot extending via PCI-to-PCI bridge
• Support plug CPCI special power and server special power
• Support backboard of H.110CT bus or backboard of PICMG2.16 Selectable

Cooling system:
• cooling air current of insert system imbibe from the front and below,and discharges from the heel and above.
• cooling air current of diver and power via front to back
• 2¡Á120mm DC 12Vabaxial fans
• 1¡Á120mm DC 12Vabaxial fans

• Server special power
• Output power£º300W
• 5V/30A; 3.3V/25A;+12V/18A;-12V/0.8A
• Input power£ºAC 100V~240V
• Efficiency£º65%typical@115V , complete burthen
• Redundancy£ºsupport N+1 redundancy and PnP operating
• Remote sense on 5V and 3.3V outputs
• Wave£º50mV max. for 5V&3.3V outputs, peak-to-peak
• Be provided with circuit of out-power protecting£¬out-current and out-heat
• Safety: FCC part15, classB
• CISPR22(EN55022),classB
• Working temperature£º0~50oC
• Storage temperature£º-20~+80oC
• MTBF>100,000 hours@25oC,75%load
• Chassis dimension£ºW¡ÁH D£º19"x8Ux310mm