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                                                      Model:     FSC-1612V2N

  • Introduction

Socket 370 Full-size CPU Card, with VGA/2LAN
FSC-1612V2N designs with INTEL 815E high performance system chipset. This industrial mainboard supports 100MHz/133MHz FSB processor. Three 168-pin PC100/PC133 DIMM support up to 512MB system memory. It supports dual 10/100Base-T Ethernet, one onboard Intel GD82559, one chipset integrates LAN controller; VGA/AGP control is integrated within the chip as well. It support AGP 2X, 133MHz; Dual ATA-100, expansion dual ATA-100 supports 8 IDE ATA100/66/33MB/sec hardware, convenience for large volume hardware storage. Other functions include hardware status monitor, four USB interface, two serial ports and one parallel port, one infrared communication port, PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface , etc. FSC-1612V2N can be used in various top grade application fields such as network, communication, video, monitor, traffic, industry, etc.




  • Features

  • Socket 370 configurationIntel 815E chipset,100/133 MHz FSB
  • Three 168-pin DIMM up to 512MB PC133/100 SDRAM
  • VGA/AGP control integrated within the chipset, support AGP 2X, 133 MHz
  • Support dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, one onboard Intel GD82559, one chipset integrates LAN controller
  • Dual ATA-100 expansion dual IDE, support 8 IDE ATA100/66/33 MB/sec hardware



  • Specifications


Bus type



Support Socket 370 PPGA or PCPGA Celeron/Pentium

System Chipset

Intel 810E support 100MHz/133MHz FSB

System Memory

168pin×3up to 512MB, support PC133/100 SDRAM




Chipset integrates VGA, support AGP 2X, 133MHz

Onboard network interface

Support dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, one Onboard Intel GD82559,one integrated within the system chipset


Dual ATA-100 expansion dual IDE, support 8 IDE ATA100/66/33 MB/sec hardware

Multi I/O

One FDD, one parallel port, two RS-232, four USB, one IrDA infrared interface, one PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface

Watchdog timer

0~30s16 level

Power supply

+5V-+12Vsupport AT/ATX Power supply



Operation Temperature


Relative Humidity