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I suppose I can understand the selfish intolerant bigotry of Republicans, it/s their pride in it that passes me by

KicK! Making Politics Fun

A liberal dose of political humor

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Joke falls flat in Australian Dalai Lama interview

This joke fail is so bad that it is circling the globe. TV host Karl Stefanovic could have asked any question of the Dalai Lama. He could have asked 'The meaning of life' - or what's it like being the Dalai Lama, instead Stefanovic decided to tell him a joke.


Anderson Cooper: William Tapleys phallic symbols a sign of end times

(Chrome users may need to click on article title to reload to watch CNN videos)

In a unprecedented move, Anderson Cooper brought William Tapley back again. Tapley is also known as "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "Co-Prophet of the End Times." Cooper simply couldn't see the plethora of phallic symbols in our midst when Tapley was last honored. This time Tapley points the offending peni out to Cooper personally. Presumably, now Cooper too can see that the overabundance of phallic symbols is a sure sign of the apocalypse.


Stephen Colbert on Kenneth Del Vecchio abortion of a movie The Life Zone

These same KIND of people ply their bigotry to teenage gays and lesbians causing thousands to kill themselves each year. But that is not enough. So now their mindless intolerance is to insure tens of thousands of pregnant women commit suicide, or kill themselves with remedies or are killed by plumbers in motel rooms. It is what Jesus would do.


Dancer, former Porn star Ginger Lee refuses to lie, Weiner resigns

Here we have the case of a former porn star and present men's club dancer way ahead of a US congressman on all moral and ethical grounds. Not only refusing to play the sexting game with the Weiner, but also refusing to lie about it when asked. 

I's glad I'm not a Tony David Weiner, for that is what I'd really hate to be.
For if I were a Tony David Weiner, everyone would see my Weiner instead of me!

How low does one have to go to give Andrew Breitbart credibility? Lower than a porn star.


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The Colbert Report
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Instead of growing their own or having it delivered, these oldsters should take those old people airport buses to go down to the Hood and score themselves. They need to get out more anyway. Multi-Friggin-Culturalism! Have the ones in the scooters do the buying. Cops hate handcuffing old women in scooters. Well some of them hate it anyway.


Stephen Colbert removes pants for Iran, Shorts are in

OMG! I hope he doesn't tweet any of those shots!


Stephen Colbert No Pants interveiw Keith Olbermann

I recently put CURRENT TV on my remote favorites. I am drawn to it often, it is much like History International with indie movies. And unlike so many of its kind, so far anyway, I applaud Current for no bigfoot, UFOs, Ghosts and reality shows. Hear Here!


Jon Stewart interveiws South Park Mormons Trey Parker & Matt Stone

I like Cartman farting in South Park episodes better... Though if I am not mistaken, Seth MacFarlane set the bar for most farting per episode in Family Guy. Thank you Peter.  How about... A FARTDOWN!  


Bill Maher reviews GOP the debate

Bill Maher simply states the obvious - in his direct manner, when asked to review the sparkling interplay of the GOP's least dazzling line-up in recent memory. The bar is set so low that pundits have raised Michele Bachmann's chances on the basis of a recent interview in which she revealed that when she is sunbathing an economics book is in her hands.

Her own recent historical blunders are completely forgotten because she was just bright - or perhaps cunning enough - to listen to her new advisers. Unlike Sarah Palin, she prepares answers to those 'gotcha' questions beforehand.


Ladd Ehlinger Jr, his racist, sexist right wing ad against Democrat Janice Hahn

This is not a Dave Chappelle skit.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The fine folks from 'Turn Right USA'- notorious right wing SuperPAC are back. They're behind the most jaw-dropping, racist, offensive, and wrong-headed ad to date, and that is an accomplishment. They are the creators of all of the other horrifically memorable campaign ads which would be in the running for that dubious honor. Ever open to criticism, the creators advise those who don't like the gross ad to "suck it."

RJ Adds: The face is here, the name is Ladd Ehlinger Jr. Ladd is on the way to compete in the new money making sport of Breitbarting! 

Andrew Breitbart is presently the most poorly hidden racist and all around scumball in the GOP. Young Ladd is on his way to give Andrew a run for his money. Our next Lee Atwater.

The group TURN RIGHT USA is affiliated with the Arizona Teaparty and of course Sheriff Joe!

The ending image of a AK47 I am not to clear on. And looking around the net I can't find anyone saying anything about it. Is the image the final proof of my contention that what the gunloons want their guns for is to shoot Negroes!
Or is it maybe the opposite, that these Democrat Janice Hand is Handing over AK47s to Gangstas?  You must not give this guy credit for nuance, that does not enter into Breitbarting. Its full frontal scumbaggery.  


Jimmy Kimmel: GOP debate candidates parrot Obamaphobia

GOP hopefuls may not be able to tell you what they would do about jobs, health care, or the deficit. They can't pin down why a vote for him or her - rather than the others on the stage will change your life for the better. Though they do all agree what the real horror is, the name of the anti-Christ is Obama. They must save us from Universal Health care! THEY have yet to divulge their plans for us after they dash all hope of health care, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I guess God will sort us out?


Losing pays off big time for Gingrich and Palin


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It is no secret that Newtie is a cold-blooded capitalist. What seems to have passed the GOP by is his determination to stay out of the White House. Newt's performance in the nascent stage of his campaign has not been stellar - losing an entire staff is the stuff of nightmares and crippling anxiety for any candidate. Newt has the best of both worlds. He's not losing one moment of sleep and no worry lines crease his brow. We should all see if three weeks in Greece can do the same for us.

Each time Gingrich has flirted with a Presidential run, it has only served to raise his substantial bank account. Another case in point is Sarah Palin. She is free of the drudgery of holding office to make piles of money from the experience of running and working the publicity machine - be it good or bad. Say what you will, those who know how to pry money from all of the right places always come out ahead when they lose.


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